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Mobile canning service at 2,400 cans per hour.

Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France.


Make a reservation to suit your production schedule, any week or month of the year.


Our fully insured, trained &
experienced canning team makes your satisfaction the #1 priority.


We come to you! We’ll drive anywhere if there’s enough beer to make it worthwhile.

Small batches, up to one year shelf life, 33 or 50 cl

Expand your market

Reach more customers

Build your brand

Sell more beer!

Plan Your Canning Day

Match your brewing schedule to the calendar and get in touch for more information, or to make a reservation.

Questions? Learn more with our Mobile Canning FAQ.

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Cans for mobile canning service


  • Weigh Less
  • Get Cold Faster
  • Don’t Break
  • Stack & Transport Better, Cheaper
  • Protect Against UV
  • Hold Up To 6 Bar Pressure
  • 100% Re-cyclable
  • Planes, mini-bars, festivals, parks, camping…

We also brew!

Find out more about our craft beers – 100% brewed (and canned!) in Luxembourg.

Grand Brewing Luxembourg
Craft Beer Luxembourg

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